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ROC Abrasives: Terminator GOAT Blade

ROC Abrasives: Terminator GOAT Blade

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ROC Abrasives: Terminator GOAT Blade

5-Star Quality Blade for General Purpose / Masonry - Brick, Block, Pavers, and Stone.  Laser welded General Purpose Diamond Blade with Slanted U slot & Alternating Turbo Segments and Regular Segments.  

This tool is also known as the Terminator, G.O.A.T Blade, and various other names throughout the industry.   This is the same blade labeled by others with different names but is exactly the same manufacturer. 

This is a great blade but of lesser quality than the Samedia SHOXX series.  

Product Specification: 

  • Available Blade Sizes: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"
  • Arbor Size: 1" - 20mm, ph*
  • Segment Height: 15mm (.591)
  • Segment Type: Alternating Turbo Segs and Regular Segs
  • Application: Hard Brick, Block, Pavers, Stone, High PSI Concrete - 5000 PSI or Higher
  • Saw Type: Ideal for high-speed saws, table saws, walk-behind saws.
  • Wet / Dry Cutting
  • Note: Terminator sold in Blue OR Silver Lacquers based on available inventory