BladesDirect.net is a diamond tools supplier that carries a broad range of diamond blades and diamond cutting products. Our products include: Diamond Blades, Saw Blades, Safety Accessories, Polishing Equipment, and other numerous cutting tools.

Our products are designed for industrial, commercial, as well as home use and are made of the highest quality material. Our products will not fail and can handle the toughest surfaces you will come across. Our satisfaction-guarantee on all our products guarantees you are a satisfied and life-long customer.

About Us:

In a vast marketplace of diamond blade suppliers, we're often asked what makes us different. Our response is simple:
EVERYTHING! Blades Direct & BladesDirect.net are trend setters in our industry for: quality, customer service, customer satisfaction, AND cutting-edge products. Blades Direct is The TRUSTED name for GLOBAL brands and Distribution.

Blades Direct is a young, aggressive and hardworking company, which makes it fun and exciting to do business with our company and sales staff. We want your business and will go the extra mile to make sure all of our customers are happy, and remain lifelong customers.

At BladesDirect.net, Our relationships with leading global manufacturers serve our customers desires to run the Finest and most Highest Quality Tools in the World. When it comes to our Top Quality Tools – We Choose from the Finest German, USA, and Global Brands and deliver to our customers the finest and highest quality in the world. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Which no other company will or can offer.

At BladesDirect.net, we are one of the quickest growing construction tool and diamond blade companies, as well as we are one of the fastest shipping and delivering direct order companies in our marketplace. We will go head to head against any competitor in our field AND always come out on top!
We have been serving the construction AND contractors industries SINCE 1999. Let us be your next blade supplier.