BladesDirect.net is a diamond tools supplier that carries a broad range of diamond blades and diamond cutting products. Our products include: Saws, Saw Blades, Safety Accessories, Polishing Equipment, and other numerous cutting tools.

Our products are designed for industrial, commercial, as well as home use and are made of the highest quality material. Our products will not fail and can handle the toughest surfaces you will come across. Our satisfaction-guarantee on all our products guarantees you are a satisfied and life-long customer.

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  • IQ360XR Dustless Saw from Blades Direct

    Imagine this: With the IQ360XR Dustless Saw you can own a professional table saw that dry cuts everything and collects up to 99.5 percent of…

  • Shoxx Blades – The Best Blades in the World!

    Shoxx Blades - The Best Blades in the World! Professionals know that quality blades are game changing. They help produce superior products efficiently and effectively…

  • Best Steel Cutting Blade

    Steel Cutting Blade - From Blades Direct You know the old adage, time is money?  It couldn't be truer than when purchasing a steel cutting…

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