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GRABO Power Tools 

The concept behind GRABO came from Nemo Power Tools. The company is well-known for producing high-end, professional power equipment for numerous industries. Nemo Power Tools, which has its global headquarters in Hong Kong, has a network of engineering, design, and sales offices in Israel, the United States, and Australia.

GRABO & Nemo Power Tools History

Our journey started in 2010 when the company began producing and custom engineering power equipment for governmental and scientific institutions. The US Marine Corps, Israeli Defense Forces, and numerous other clients with unique requirements received these very precise, custom-built power tools.

The co-founders of Nemo Power Tools, Nimo Rotem, and Oleg Zhukov, took a huge risk by entering the mass market in 2013. The goal was to use the technology, design, and construction methods that had been refined through time to produce power tools in large quantities.

After making the decision, the business debuted its line of high-end power tools and accessories for both professionals and consumers. For instance, using computer cooling systems, drone batteries, and electronics efficiency, or even fabrication techniques for marine gear.

The first product line in this area was aimed at commercial divers and the offshore drilling industry. This product range featured lasers, scuba diving lights, cordless waterproof tools, and other relevant marine-grade supplies. Since then, we have greatly evolved.

We have broadened our product offering to include heavy-duty equipment for both offshore and onshore experts with the 2014 launch of mass-market power tools. This line of high-end equipment includes a variety of drills, impact wrench, impact drivers, angle grinders, and hammer drill variants.

Our Mission

 We pledge to offer unique, practical, and high-end products. We have provided our customers with a number of cutting-edge technology tools in order to uphold this goal.

We constantly seek feedback from our customers and distributors in order to achieve this. This helps us understand their demands and specifications, which improves operational efficiency.

We have been able to introduce goods using technologies utilized in precision equipment, due to this mindset.

Our vision and objectives, along with our experience working on military-grade items, have enabled us to establish an efficient production process.

Each product undergoes a rigorous testing process for quality, safety, and engineering in the center of this facility. thereby offering our clients reliable, dependable, and cutting-edge job solutions.

Nimo Rotem acquired GRABO a patent in 2019. a device that completely changed the way heavy lifting equipment was used, especially in the construction sector. The product's build quality, straightforward design, and labor efficiency for both experts and enthusiasts are unmatched. As a result, it quickly became a bestseller in several nations after its release.