ROC Abrasives: 9” or 10” Roc Crusher TSEG Supreme Diamond Blade

ROC Abrasives: 9” or 10” Roc Crusher TSEG Supreme Diamond Blade

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ROC Abrasives: Roc Crusher TSEG Supreme Diamond Blade 9 in or 10 in

Supreme series diamond blade, huge, jumbo 15mm turbo segments.  Cuts brick, block, concrete, sandstone, roof tiles, and pavers at up to 15000 PSI.  Fast, and taller segment provides an extended cutting life!

The slanted Keyhole Gullet cools down the blade during use.

Product Specifications:

  • Blade Size: 9", 10"
  • Arbor Size:  7/8"-5/8" 
  • Segment Height: 15mm
  • Segment Type: Turbo Segment TSEG
  • Applications:  brick, block, pavers, stucco, sandstone, roof tile
  • Size: 9”, 10”

ROC Abrasives TSEG Diamond Blade Features

Whether you need to cut out old concrete for patching or replacing, saw control joints to improve the aesthetics of the concrete, or add visual appeal by scoring the concrete, a high-quality saw blade is an absolute must. You can't rely on a single type of blade to do all these cutting activities well, or even to execute the same operation in different types of concrete, just as a professional chef needs a variety of knives to produce different gourmet dishes. When it comes to creating precise, expert cuts in concrete, diamond saw blades are usually your best bet.

Many reputable local and national retailers, construction supply stores, hardware stores, and distributors rely on ROC Abrasives for their abrasive products. These products are utilized by millions of people all over the world. ROC Abrasive produces for some of the largest retail chains in the world. Diamond blades are saw blades that have actual diamonds glued onto one or more of their cutting edges, making them ideal for use on very tough or abrasive materials. Diamond blades are used for grinding rather than for cutting. Blades often feature diamond crystals inserted throughout the segment of their rectangular teeth, allowing them to cut through even the hardest materials. A wide variety of blades can be used in either water or air. Diamond tools and blades perform better while wet, therefore dry cutting should only be done when absolutely necessary. When cutting wet, the blade can't become too hot because of the water.