PST2 400 Sub. Pump, 110V/60hz, 1/2hp, 20' Cord, 5.4A

PST2 400 Sub. Pump, 110V/60hz, 1/2hp, 20' Cord, 5.4A

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PST2 400 Sub. Pump, 110V/60hz, 1/2hp, 20' Cord, 5.4A



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Product Details

Lightweight, compact design
Built-in thermal protection prevents motor damage
Silicon carbide-faced double mechanical seals run in an isolated oil-filled cavity
Heavy-duty strain relief power cord

Introducing the Wacker Neuson PST2 400 2" Submersible Trash Pump, a high-performance solution for efficient water pumping on job sites. These single-phase submersible pumps deliver fast and reliable results, making them perfect for low-level water pumping requirements.

One of the standout features of this pump is its ability to start in less than 1/4 inch of water, provided it is primed through the discharge port. This ensures quick and hassle-free operation, allowing you to tackle your pumping tasks without delay.

The Wacker Neuson submersible pumps are designed to offer versatility and durability, catering to jobs of all sizes. Whether you have a large-scale project or a smaller task at hand, these pumps deliver consistent performance.

With compatibility with most 110 V outlets, these pumps provide convenience and accessibility. They offer the features and capabilities of larger pumps but at a more affordable investment.

When it comes to dewatering needs, trust Wacker Neuson submersible pumps to deliver exceptional results, giving contractors the reliability and efficiency they require.

Comes With

  • Submersible Pump
  • Electrical supply cable
  • Operator's manual