Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI
Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI
Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI
Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI
Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI

Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI

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Husqvarna Floor Saw FS3500 G EFI

FS3500 G is a self-propelled floor saw ideal for small to medium patch and service jobs. Equipped with a 37 hp (27.5 kW) Kohler gasoline engine. It is lightweight, low profile, easy to maneuver, and service. The Poly-V belt together with a self-adjusting belt tensioner ensures stable power levels at the blade shaft. Cutting depth capacity up to 12-3/8" (311 mm) with a 30" (750 mm) diamond blade. Comes standard with adjustable handle bars, an engine tachometer, and an hour meter. A water pump kit and light kit are available as options.

  • Cutting depth, max: 12.5 in
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer): 37 hp
  • Blade diameter options, max: 20 in, 26 in, or 30 in

    Husqvarna Floor Saw 

    If you are only going to be able to buy or rent one type of saw, a miter saw is a way to go. It is flat and sturdy enough to hold the floorboard or trim in place. It's possible to make right angles for corners and chevron cuts for unique floor designs.

    A handsaw can be purchased for making straight or miter cuts, but if you need to make hundreds of cuts, the process will be quite time consuming and tiresome. There is no table on this saw, yet it functions similarly to a table saw. It can be taken anywhere with you. This saw is fine for making simple cuts in hardwood floors. The downside is that you hold the saw in one hand and control the floorboard with the other. When making precise cuts, mistakes are more likely to occur.

    Rip-cutting the wood boards lengthwise is easiest with a circular saw. The circular saw's portability can make it a great option depending on the job site and the number of rip cuts required.