Husqvarna BD 62

Husqvarna BD 62

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Husqvarna BD 62

The Husqvarna BD double-beam screeds together with a powerful BE drive unit produce deep vibration down to 150 mm. With BD double-beam lengths from 3.2 m to 6.2 m you can work on any medium to large flooring constructions sites. You can use the BE drive unit for in-depth vibration and levelling. BE 20 can also be used for surface vibration by rotating the unit 90 degrees. The sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum design allows for easy handling and excellent balance to achieve even concrete floors.

Compensate for negative flexion

Tensioning rods allow the screeds to camber two percent from the centre.

Highly durable and easy to move

Lightweight, non-corrosive aluminium alloy makes for easy handling and transportation.

Efficient vibration

Our double-screeds come with 100 mm profile height, producing in-depth vibration down to 150 mm thickness. The lightweight profile allows a higher stroke, enabling efficient work in different conditions.

Easy cleaning

The parts that are exposed to wet concrete have smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.

Model (only integration)
BD 62


Working width
620 cm
Working width (ft)
20.34 ft