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  • 316 Stainless steel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Select your own inlay up to 0.8" thick
  • 20" & 26" Covers are available in 0.8" and 1.2" depths
  • For thicker materials - shave the back down to 1.2" thick
  • Install into new or retrofit
  • On-site inlay install
  • Flush finish

These large (manhole) external Access Covers are perfect for adding functionality to any landscape, allowing hidden access to large service points and inspection points. These covers are available in 20″ and 26″ square and 0.8″ and 1.2″ depths.

Hide Skimmer Covers, products and associated accessories are intended for use and purchase by licensed contractors.  Size selection requires special product installation knowledge that is usually beyond the scope of the typical homeowner.  It is for this reason we do NOT accept returns on any HIDE products at this time and all sales are final.  We recommend you contact a licensed professional before beginning any installation or project.


The HIDE Manhole Cover is changing the way manhole covers are made. HIDE Manhole Covers are meant to merge smoothly with the surrounding pavement, making them nearly invisible, in contrast to standard metal manhole covers which can have a massive and industrial appearance. You may get them in a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes to perfectly complement your concrete, asphalt, or paver driveway.

The originality of the HIDE Manhole Covers' layout is one of their distinguishing features. They have a cover that is low to the ground, so they blend in seamlessly with the pavement. As a result, the lid will not trap any debris and will be safer for walkers, cyclists, and drivers. HIDE Manhole Covers are also built to survive, with the strength to resist years of use in areas with high foot traffic, harsh climates, and high levels of corrosion.

HIDE Manhole Covers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They can be easily installed in existing buildings or in brand-new ones. They fit into most common manhole frames and may be set up by a pro or a do-it-yourselfer with just a few simple implements. When it comes to maintaining and inspecting subsurface facilities, HIDE Manhole Covers make it possible to do so without the use of any heavy lifting or specialist equipment.

HIDE Manhole Covers are an excellent alternative to attractive manhole covers, pavement overlays, and other covering methods. Decorative manhole covers are often more expensive, more difficult to maintain, and may not withstand as much weight as HIDE Manhole Covers. Pavement overlays can be difficult to install, pricey, and time-consuming, and they may not even give you a flush surface. HIDE Manhole Covers, on the other hand, are a seamless, low-maintenance solution that protects the pavement and makes it easy to access utilities below ground.

Traditional manhole covers can also be used in place of HIDE Manhole Covers by having the pavement around them custom-paved or painted. However, this approach can be time-consuming, and pricey, and may not result in a uniform and long-lasting finish like HIDE Manhole Covers. In order to preserve its visual appeal, regular maintenance and repair work may be necessary.

In conclusion, HIDE Manhole Covers are an exceptional product that improves the look of our cities without sacrificing their practicality. Municipalities, contractors, and property owners can choose them because of their cutting-edge design, flawless finish, durability, and ease of installation, all of which improve the safety and beauty of streets and sidewalks. HIDE Manhole Covers are a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable alternative to other methods of hiding manhole covers and preserving the aesthetic quality of our urban spaces. HIDE Manhole Covers will help you hide those unattractive manhole covers for a more streamlined and professional appearance. By purchasing this cutting-edge item, you may drastically improve the look and feel of your city's streets and walkways.