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12.5" x 12.5" HIDE Drain Cover Kit with 1/4" Gap between Frames to allow for drainage

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  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • 10 year warranty - Maintenance Required
  • Select your own inlay
  • Available in range of depths to suit your inlay material
  • Provides a flush seamless finish
  • On-site inlay install
  • Patio surface water only
  • Drain and pit not included. Cover only
  • Designed to suit a mortar gradient to pipe
  • Underside opening clearance of 10 1/4"
  • Do not acid wash stainless steel


Available size is 12 1/2″ square and in four depths to suit most applications. (see table below).

The 1.6″ deep cover comes with a concrete conversion kit for wet-pour concrete.

HIDE Drain Cover Kit- 12 inch kits/ tile Thickness of Material/Tile depth inches.
HDC12.5-0.4 3/8"--1/2"
HDC12.5-0.8 5/8"--7/8"
HDC12.5-1.2 1"--1 1/4"
HDC12.5-1.6 1 3/8"--1 5/8"

Hide Skimmer Covers, products and associated accessories are intended for use and purchase by licensed contractors.  Size selection requires special product installation knowledge that is usually beyond the scope of the typical homeowner.  It is for this reason we do NOT accept returns on any HIDE products at this time and all sales are final.  We recommend you contact a licensed professional before beginning any installation or project.

HIDE Drain Cover Kit 

Many homeowners prioritize the aesthetics of their dwellings while making improvements. However, drainage is often disregarded despite its importance. Clogging, water damage, and even structural damage can all result from an inadequate or antiquated drainage system. That's why you need the HIDE Drain cover kit.

The HIDE Drain cover kit is a one-of-a-kind item that helps hide drains in a stylish and unobtrusive way. The system can be quickly and easily put over a regular drain to give your bathroom a more contemporary feel. The grate included in the kit can be painted or otherwise personalized to complement the aesthetic of the room, making it an ideal choice for indoors or outdoors.

The HIDE Drain cover kit stands out from the competition because of its adaptability. It has a wide range of potential applications, from private homes to public buildings. The kit's stainless steel construction ensures it will not rust or corrode. As a result, you won't have to worry about replacing it for many years.

The simplicity of the HIDE Drain cover kit's assembly is yet another of its many benefits. Everything from the grating to the screws and anchors is included in the package. The setup is easy enough that most people can do it in under an hour. Compared to more conventional drain covers, which can be difficult to install and often necessitate the services of a professional, this is a major benefit.

Those who want to make their homes safer should think about purchasing the HIDE Drain cover kit. The elderly and young are particularly at risk of falling over because of traditional drain covers. The HIDE Drain cover kit mitigates this problem by making the grate sit flat on the floor.

In addition, the HIDE Drain cover kit provides a cleaner alternative to standard drain covers. Traditional covers can become a breeding ground for germs and other microbes due to the accumulation of dirt, hair, and other debris. The grate may be readily removed from the HIDE Drain cover kit, making this problem obsolete.

The HIDE Drain cover kit is an innovative and useful option for concealing drains that might otherwise be an eyesore. It's a great option for any kind of home improvement job because it can be used in a variety of ways, lasts a long time, and is simple to put in. If you're wanting to upgrade your living space, this is a great option because it's safer and cleaner than standard drain covers. The HIDE Drain cover kit is a great option for any remodeling project, whether it's a bathroom, shower, or outdoor location.