Samedia: SHOXX UX17 SHOXX Diamond Blade

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Samedia: SHOXX UX17 - Diamond Blade

Supreme Quality UX17 General Purpose Shocker Series, Shoxx Patented Technology, Made in Germany. 

 Extreme Fast Cutting, 6 out of 6 Rated Diamond Quality.  This Blade Duplicates the RX13 BUT with a HUGE 17MM Segment Height.  Everything you love about the RX13 but 40% to 60% longer life!  Good for cutting of  Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, Blue Stone, and Granite!  Cuts it all!

Why SHOXX Diamond Blades?

Some of our clients have compared the performance of our blades to that of a hot knife cutting butter. While some have proclaimed, "SHOXX or nothing!"

Our expertise allows for highly automated production as well as the application of innovative segment formulas, resulting in cutting performance that has never been seen before. Because of our new manufacturing technique and improved formulae, our products are now more durable, longer-lasting, and safer for the consumer to use than ever before.

When compared to standard diamond saw blades, SHOXX diamond saw blades are head and shoulders above the competition in terms of cutting speed, tool life, and adaptability. Due to their design, they are well suited for long periods of continuous use.

SHOXX diamond saw blades use a unique segment shape that significantly reduces the vibrational strain, protecting your wrists and preventing unnecessary breaks in production.

Because of its adaptability, durability, and low cost, most construction workers turn to concrete when a structure must resist severe weather. Concrete is one of the most secure building materials and is simple to mold and tint. Having the greatest tools available is essential for making this work as easy, efficient, and safe as possible when dealing with something as powerful and durable as the materials they work with. A high-quality saw blade is essential for sawing, slicing, and making accurate cuts in preexisting concrete. When it comes to producing precise, expert cuts in concrete, diamond saw blades have many advantages over abrasive wheels. Diamond crystals enable manufacturers more control over shape and size, and are therefore typically synthesized rather than mined. 


- The market's highest segment height at 11/16" Premium German-made diamond blade

- With SHOXX forged segments, you get unmatched durability and reliability.

- Fully Laser Welded

- 2x quicker cutting as comparable traditional products on the market 

- Double the lifespan of comparable blades

- Diamonds that have been coated with titanium

- Extreme adaptability