Samedia: SHOXX TX13 - Tri-Cut Diamond Blade

Samedia: SHOXX TX13 - Tri-Cut Diamond Blade

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Samedia: SHOXX TX13 - Tri-Cut SHOCKER Diamond Blade

Tri-Cut Blade Tx13 is supreme quality TX13 COMBO – VARICUT BLADE -  Shocker, Shoxx Patented Technology, Made By Samedia out of Germany.

The Tri-Cut Blade TX13 is Extremely Fast Cutting. The Tri-Cut Blade TX13 is a 6 out of 6 Rated Diamond Quality.

The SHOXX TX13 Special Diamond Blade is a state-of-the-art option. You can use it with 4 categories of machinery! It's like a Swiss Army Knife for builders.

Good For cutting –Reinforced Concrete, ASPHALT, Pavers, Stone, Blue Stone, Granite, DUCTILE IRON, CONSTRUCTION STEEL.  CUTS EVERYTHING!

Important details:

- Top-tier diamond blade with SHOXX forged sections.

- 1/2 inch tall segments.

- Reduced noise/ vibration and a smoother cut

- An industrial rotor blade mixer

- Segments are Laser Welded

- Concrete and asphalt are the two primary segmented uses.

- Use with floor saws up to 7.5 kW. (5,59 HP)

Best Application:

- Concrete with reinforcing steel

- Concrete

- Asphalt

- Brickwork


- Screed

- The Use of Cast Iron

- Cast iron that is both ductile and durable

Machines Compatible:

- Angular-cutting hand tools - Angle Grinders

- Fuel-powered saws that can be shortened

- Table saws

- Floor Saws