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How To Use Your EDCO Hardscape Saw

Below is an informational "how to" video for owners of EDCO Hardscape Saws. It covers everything from diamond blade installation to maintenance to belt replacement. Blades Direct currently offers the 14" EDCO Hardscape Saw for its customers. Some of the saw's features include:
  • Interlocking pavers, 4” retaining wall block and brick, wet or dry
  • Shock mounted engine platform minimizes vibration to cutting head and rolling table for cleaner cuts
  • Hose hookup included to provide clean water supply
  • Unique pan drain relocates water away from worksite
  • Patented dust control vacuum system is standard for dry cutting
For more information on our EDCO saws, call a Blades Direct representative toll free at 1-855-225-2337.