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Diamond Blades and Granite

  • Metal Blade to Cut Wood, Will That Work?

    To tell the truth, you may be able to use your metal blade to cut wood, but you need to do some research before you actually start to work.
  • How to Choose a Blade - Blades Direct

    Completing quality work, regardless of the project at hand, is reliant upon using the correct tools. And, in order to do good work, your tools must be in excellent condition. If you have ever tried to cut a steak with a dull knife you know exactly what we mean.
  • Cutting Concrete: Fresh Green Concrete VS Cured Existing Concrete

    Concrete is an often used material in a host of construction projects across the country. Cutting concrete efficiently and effectively, is important.
  • Best Blades to Cut Pavers - 14 Inch - Blades Direct

    While some people hire a professional to install their pavers, others prefer to do it themselves. In either instance, having the right tools is imperative. You want to be able to cut the pavers cleanly so the finished product is pleasing to the eye.

  • Blades for Concrete - Which 14” blade is Best

    A popular material in construction, concrete is regularly used in the United States.  Some of the reasons we see so often include the fact that it is both durable and cost-effective, sustainable and strong.  It is no surprise that it's the most popular building material around the world. This material's uses are seemingly limitless and include home building foundations, roadways, bridges, and other architectural structures.
  • Sharpen Saw Blades - How to and The Importance

    Quality tools equal quality work. Thus, it is critical to keep all of your tools in pristine condition. This is particularly true when it comes to saw blades. It should come as no surprise that sharp blades will cut more quickly and cleanly than those which are dull.