Safety First When Operating Diamond Blades and Other Equipment

Sadly, the past few weeks have seen a string of construction-related accidents across the country, some of which have claimed the lives of those involved. While none of these accidents directly involved the use of blades, saws, or heavy machinery, they are a sobering reminder to those in the construction and contracting industries about the importance of safety while on job sites. The stories can be read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. At Blades Direct, we are committed to emphasizing safety for our customers. For this reason, we thought it would be a good reminder to review a previous post addressing important safety matters when operating heavy machinery or diamond blades and saws: *Wear eye protection at all times. *Wear hearing protection (headphones, ear plugs, etc). Hearing loss can be a gradual process and protection should be worn at all times. *Keep items and debris away from your work area to avoid stumbling or tripping over them. *Avoid loose-fitting clothing (items that may get caught in machinery or equipment). *Wear proper footwear/boots with non-slip soles. *Turn cell phones off and keep them away from your work area to avoid distraction. *Stand on an even, level surface. *If possible, do not operate machinery equipment alone and have a “spotter.” *Remove all jewelry before operating equipment. *Place long hair in a tight bun or pony tail. … above all, use common sense! We value and care for our customers, and this includes their safety! If you are not yet a customer of Blades Direct and are in the construction industry, contact us to learn more about our variety of products, which include diamond blades, saws, mixers, industrial chemicals, and other related products. We have some of the fastest shipping times in the industry and buying from us is like buying "direct" from the manufacturer. Have a safe and productive summer and keep us in mind for your equipment and product needs.