Crown Mortar Mixers vs Crown Concrete Mixers

Crown Mortar Mixers vs Crown Concrete Mixers

If masonry is your line of work or if you are looking to complete a project of this type, the equipment you use is critical. You know you need a mixer - there is no question there. However, the type of mixer you use can be the difference between a successful project and one with many issues.  While similar in nature, mortar and concrete are different compounds.

Both substances are a mix of sand, cement, and water.  However, concrete also includes aggregate stone, using it results in a stronger, more durable project. While a benefit for many situations, it is not always necessary.  And, concrete can be more difficult with which to work - it is heavy. For example, building foundations often require the added strength of concrete, while much brick and stone work can be completed with mortar.

Difference in Crown Mortar and Crown Concrete

Once you understand the differences, it makes sense that you would need specific tools for each type of job. Concrete mixers (also called cement mixers), which are usually gas or electric powered, feature a spinning barrel (also called a drum). When operational, the strong internal paddles mix the compound getting it ready for use.

On the other hand, the most common mortar mixers are horizontal machines complete with  centered poles and attached paddles. Most are operated by gas or electric fueled motors. These paddles combine the materials into the mortar for your job.

While some concrete mixers can also mix mortar, mortar mixers CANNOT mix concrete They are simply not strong enough. If you try to mix concrete in your mortar mixer, you run a good chance of breaking the paddles or burning out the motor. Mixers are costly and a significant investment. Making sure you are using the right tool is important.

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