Construction Jobs Continue to Pile Up in 2014

There has been more favorable news published in relation to the construction and contracting industries. According to a Reuters story posted earlier this week, construction jobs continue to grow. Some highlights include:
  • The construction sector added 32,000 jobs in April, the fourth straight month of gains. These advancements were part of a surprisingly optimistic jobs report that saw an unemployment rate drop from 6.7 percent to 6.3 percent. In total, United States employers added a total of 288,000 jobs in April, which was much more than expected.
  • The construction industry was hit hard by the Great Recession. Roughly 25% of total jobs lost during that time were in the construction industry.
  • Back in April 2006, there were over 7.7 million construction jobs. By April 2011, the number was under 5.4 million. Now it is back up to 6 million, still a long way below the pre-recession boom, but indicative of an upward trend
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