Common Diamond Blade Problems

Hindsight is 20/20.  We have heard that time and time again. It’s not surprising; it’s true. Think about it, understanding possible issues or problems before they occur may very well be enough to avoid them. At Bladesdirect.net we obviously are huge proponents of diamond blades. We understand everything about them including which blades to choose for specific types of work. That said, while we believe that diamond blades are pretty close to perfect, we recognize that even they can have some problems every now and again.  So, while we have shared the benefits of diamond blades and the value they can bring to both businesses, their clients and DIYers in the past, we believe it is also important to inform you of some of the issues that can cause problems with your diamond blades. If you understand them at the onset, you can avoid blade breakage, overheating and other possible issues.   Below we have shared three common mistakes people make when using diamond blades: Dry Cutting with diamond blades: While some diamond blades CAN cut while dry; many require the use of the water to keep the blade cool and operating appropriately. An inadequate supply of water can result in certain blades overheating and possibly breaking.  It is critical to ensure that blades that “wet cut” be used near a water supply. Inappropriate Blades: In the past we have shared that many of our diamond blades can cut a broad variety of substances. While this is true, there are certain materials that require very specific blades.  Using the wrong one can result in a blade becoming dull or even breaking. It is important to select and use the most appropriate blade for the specific type of work you undertake.  Ineffective Saws: While diamond blades are known for the high quality of work they produce, if they are not paired with an appropriate, well-tuned saw your blades can become unstable and damaged. In order to protect your blades you should regularly inspect your saws.  Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightened and the saw is clean and in good operating condition. Clearly, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. By understanding the possible pitfalls, you can ensure that your environment, blades and operating equipment are exactly what they need to be in order to minimize any potential problems.  At BladesDirect.net we can help you choose the best equipment and explain all that you need to know when embarking on a project. Visit us at Bladesdirect.net and check out our inventory. Call us with questions at 855-225-2337. And, remember that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to working with you!