Circular Saw Blade - How To Change

How To Change a Circular Saw Blade

One of the values of a circular saw is, without a doubt, its versatility. The same saw can accommodate a host of different blades, making it incredibly useful on a broad range of products.

Sometimes the blade with which you are working becomes dull. Other times, your cutting needs change. In either case, whether you are a professional or a DIY-er (Do It Yourself), it is important that when you change your saw blade, you do so appropriately.

Take into account that you are working with a power tool as well as potentially dangerous blades - work cautiously.

Changing A Saw Blade

Be prepared! The first step in changing the blade is to gather everything you will need. This includes your saw’s operating manual, work gloves, and a wrench (or other tools as recommended).  Next, pull back your hair (if it is long) and put on your gloves. Because the blades are sharp, the gloves are a necessity, not a luxury. You know the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”  It’s absolutely true here. Also critical, separate the saw from its power source. (Unplug it or remove the battery.)

Now, you are ready to start. You need to have access to the blade currently in the saw.  To gain this, move the metal or plastic blade guard up, away from the blade. At this point, you will want to loosen the bolt that holds the blade in place.  In order to do this safely, you must prevent the blade from spinning. Check your manual for instructions. Some saws require you to use locking pliers to hold the blade still, while others may have a spindle lock that you can access through a button, built-in.  Using a wrench, loosen and remove the bolt and washer. Put them in your pocket or on the counter, you will need them again!

Access to Your Saw Blade

Now that you have easy access to the saw blade, take it out and replace it with your new one.  Follow the instructions in your manual to ensure it is installed correctly and firmly. Pay attention to the arrows on the blade and your saw, they will help guide you.

Before you use your saw with your new blade, double-check to make sure that all connections are tight and that the blade guard is back in its protective position.

Changing a circular saw blade is a relatively easy process. But, you want to take care as incorrectly installed blades can be incredibly dangerous.