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Boostlikes Promo From Blades Direct

Does your construction or contracting business have a Facebook page? Is so, be sure to browse our promo page and inquire if your Blades Direct order qualifies for a variety of our special promo giveaways, which include iPads, iPhones, event tickets, and boostlikes for your Facebook business account! And if your business doesn't have a Facebook Page yet, it may be a good idea to consider one. Some of the benefits include:
  • A targeted, captive audience
  • The ability to provide special offers and promos
  • Easier to update than a traditional website
  • Detailed analytics about your visitors
  • The ability to "boost" the viewership of your posts through advertisements at an inexpensive cost
  • SEO benefits that will help your existing website
  • Greater reach of mobile visitors
  • Over 1 billion active monthly users!