What Is The Best Saw For Cutting Rocks?

Diamond Blade Circular Saw


There are a few different saws used for cutting rocks. The best saw to use depends on the type of rock you are working with. For hard materials like granite and other igneous rocks, a diamond-bladed circular saw is ideal because it can cut through these materials without becoming dull quickly or creating too much debris.

A Masonry Saw is one of the best tools for cutting brick, concrete, and stone with ease. It features a circular blade with diamond-tipped teeth that are specially designed to cut the hard material without dulling or wearing down quickly. Masonry saws can be used for various tasks such as creating straight cuts, angles, curves, and shapes in brick and block walls. Many of these tools come with adjustable blades so you can make precision cuts that meet your project's exact specifications. This type of saw is commonly found in construction sites as it has proven to be highly effective and efficient in handling tough jobs. Using the right safety precautions as well as proper maintenance will ensure that your masonry saw performs optimally for years to come.

 At BladesDirect.net, we provide high-grade masonry saws that are designed to make cuts in tough materials like granite and marble with ease. Our selection of diamond blades also ensures that you get the best results for your projects. Contact us today 855-225-2337 and let us help you select the right tool for cutting rocks!

Our Most Popular Blades

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16.5" Q-Drive Arrayed Segmented Hard Concrete Orange Blade Silent Core - The 16.5" Q-Drive Arrayed Segmented Hard Concrete Orange Blade Silent Core boasts a high-performance construction that harnesses the power of its unique segments to handle even the toughest concrete surfaces. With an oversized blade design, this is the perfect tool for cutting hard concrete or pavers quickly and effortlessly with minimal dust and noise. Its segmented array ensures that each stroke cuts cleanly and efficiently through dense materials without skipping or binding up during use. The orange color adds visibility for precision work, and its silent core reduces vibration while working so you can stay focused on your job. This durable blade will ensure long-lasting performance no matter what project you're tackling. Get your hands on this powerful blade today!

ROC Abrasives: ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme - The ROC Abrasives Porcelain Crusher Supreme series dry tile porcelain paver and porcelain tile blade is designed to provide the highest possible quality cuts in even the toughest of materials. It features a thin turbo rim that can easily cut through any kind of porcelain, stone, or granite with ease – like scissors through paper! With its innovative design and superior craftsmanship, this blade will never fail you no matter how demanding your project may be. Get yours today and see why it’s become so popular with professionals everywhere!

ROC Abrasives: Famous Blue Center Diamond Blade - The ROC Abrasives Soft Bonded Combination Supreme Blade is the perfect tool for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient blade. It features alternating segments, 10mm - 15mm seg, drop segments, and cooling holes. This blade has been known by many names throughout the industry such as Tsunami, Blue Revenge, Blue Thunder, Blue Center Blade, etc., but it's still from the same manufacturer regardless of its labels.

This high-performance blade is ideal for contractors who need an effective and dependable cutting solution. It offers superior longevity with a long-lasting sharp edge that won't dull easily. Its thin kerf design allows for quick cuts while its large troughs reduce heat buildup when cutting hard materials, making it an excellent choice for contractors dealing with frequent blade changes.

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