Top 5 Tips For Maximizing The Lifespan Of Your Diamond Blades

For your blades to last a long time, proper maintenance and storage is key. Here are 5 tips for keeping your diamond blades in top condition:

  1. Make sure the blade is kept cool during use. Diamond blades can be susceptible to overheating due to their thin segments and high RPMs, so they should always be used with an adequate water supply or cooling system. This will ensure that the diamonds remain intact and the blade lasts longer.
  1. Inspect your blade periodically for any damage or wear-and-tear such as broken segments, chips in the edge of the blade, or signs of oxidation due to contact with water or other acidic substances. Replace the blade if any of these conditions are present, as they can cause additional damage and reduce the life expectancy of your diamond blades.
  1. Clean the blade after each use with a soft brush and mild detergent to remove any residue that may have accumulated from cutting materials such as concrete or asphalt. This will help prevent clogging and rusting, which in turn will increase the longevity of your diamond blades.
  1. Store blades properly when not in use; keep them away from extreme temperatures or moisture which can corrode diamonds over time. It’s best to store them vertically on a sturdy surface rather than laying them down flat on the ground, as this can cause uneven wear and tear.
  1. Make sure to use the correct RPM when operating your diamond blades; too high of a speed can cause overheating and will lead to premature wear of the diamonds. For best results, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for guidance on what speed is appropriate for a particular material or task.

Following the tips above will help ensure that your diamond blades last as long as possible, which in turn can save you money in the long run.

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Some Of Our Best Selling Blades

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ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme: The Supreme series dry tile porcelain paver and porcelain tile blade from ROC Abrasives is designed to give you the highest possible quality and performance. Its thin turbo rim provides superior cutting power, allowing you to cut through porcelain tile, stone, or granite with ease. Thanks to its robust construction, this durable blade won't fail you no matter how tough the job is!

Get the most out of your project with ROC's Porcelain Crusher Supreme series dry tile porcelain paver and porcelain tile blade. It's sure to be your go-to for all types of cutting jobs!


9” or 10” ROC Crusher TSEG Supreme Diamond Blade: The ROC Abrasives Crusher TSEG Supreme Diamond Blade is designed to make your job easier and faster. With huge 15mm turbo segments, it can cut through brick, block, concrete, sandstone, roof tiles, and pavers with up to 15000 PSI of power. The slanted Keyhole Gullet featured in the blade ensures that heat buildup is minimized throughout use so you can enjoy a longer cutting life.

Whether you choose the 9-inch or 10-inch version, you can count on superior performance every time. Get the toughest jobs done quickly with this dependable diamond blade!

Blue Revenge Tuck Point Blade: ROC Abrasives’ Blue Revenge Tuck Point Blade offers superior performance in aggressive cutting applications. The laser welded design provides a stronger bond between the segments, ensuring greater longevity and faster results than regular tuck point blades. Easily tackle any challenging project with the assurance that this blade will not disappoint! With its professional-grade construction, it is clear to see why ROC’s Blue Revenge Tuck Point Blade is considered one of the best on the market! Get yours today and experience why our customers have been trusting us for all of their abrasive needs for so many years.

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