Sharpen Saw Blades - How to and The Importance

How To Sharpen Saw Blades

Quality tools equal quality work. Thus, it is critical to keep all of your tools in pristine condition. This is particularly true when it comes to saw blades. It should come as no surprise that sharp blades will cut more quickly and cleanly than those which are dull. 

While many people tend to replace dull blades, circular saw blades can, in fact, be sharpened. The process is not particularly difficult, but there are several steps. The first of which focuses on safety,  you must ensure that your saw is unplugged and off.

When it comes to the tools necessary for sharpening, you have choices. If you are a construction professional, you may have access to high end, costly grinding devices. These are designed specifically for sharpening but are not a cost effective option for everyone. If you are unable to use one of these, tools which you may have on hand can be valuable.  These include screw clamps, ring spanners, files, and pliers. 

Sharpening Your Blades

Carefully remove the blade from your saw and attach it securely to a workbench. Mark where you are going to begin. This will allow you to recognize when the blade has been completely sharpened. Then use your file to sharpen around the entire blade.  Repeat this process on the other side. Also, don’t forget to trim the saw teeth to ensure they are all of even height.

At this point you need to make sure the teeth of the saw are bent in the correct direction. This is where your pliers become valuable. Make sure you bend the saw teeth in the direction they were initially facing. You don’t want to weaken them. 

Final Step to Sharpen Saw Blades

The final step in manual sharpening occurs when you use a triangular file on each of the teeth. You want them all to look the same. Finally, your blade is sharp and you can reinstall it. Take care to follow the instructions in the manual and ensure it is in tightly.  Once you are sure your blade is ready, test it to make sure it works properly.

Working with sharp saw blades is imperative.  You can do it yourself or have a professional sharpen saw blades for you. And, of course, blades don’t last forever.  Contact us at BladesDirect.net when you are ready to replace your current blades or are looking to purchase additional ones.