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There are many manufacturers who offer Diamond Blades at different levels of quality in the market just like BladesDirect SHOXX Diamond Blades. The quality control and manufacturing process of these extremely robust diamond blades should be the primary focus when it comes to offering the best quality diamond blades to customers. We at BladesDirect have been industry leaders in manufacturing, offering our extremely rugged and rigorously tested Diamond Blades. Most companies do not have a full in-house team of sales representatives, product specialist, and owners who believe in their products and offer the top of the line customer service like us.

Companies like Sencore Diamond blades and others are known to be telemarketing companies that tend to outsource their products and do not usually have a legitimate manufacturing facility or processes to ensure the highest quality possible to their customers. Many diamond blade companies such as Sencore outsource their production and manufacturing and are not involved in the process, but rather they sell private label products created by other manufacturers. This is one of the downfalls of most diamond blade companies, as they are truly just telemarketing companies selling outsourced diamond blades to customers looking for quality diamond blades. 

We offer all of the major manufacturers from Husqvarna, ROC Abrasives, SHOXX Blades, and iQ Saw Blades. We at BladesDirect do not outsource any of our production nor manufacturing, and have a full hands on approach to the creation of our renowned diamond blades. So you might be asking what is so special about diamond saw blades, and how can you use them in your latest renovation or construction projects. We have all the answers to get you on the right path to understanding diamond saw blades, just keep reading! 

Diamond is the second hardest substance after wurtzite boron nitride, which was found in 2009. However, diamond continues to top the list of the Moh's scale's hardness rankings for naturally occurring substances on Earth. Diamonds are so tough that only another diamond can scratch them, making them ideal for rings that will see regular wear like engagement and wedding bands. 

You might wonder what’s so different between one manufacturer such as BladesDirect and other companies that do not manufacture nor product diamond blades in-house such as Sencore Diamond Blades. Well, it has everything to do with the process and materials in creating the diamond blade which differs heavily. Our SHOXX Blades are created with the top of line industrial-grade materials and go through rigorous testing to ensure the rigidity is much higher than our competitors. Do diamonds used in wedding rings, necklaces, watches, and jewelry come from the same mines as diamonds used in diamond blades? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Saw diamond blades with the diamond name brand were made with man-made diamonds.

 Though they were artificially created in a laboratory, these diamonds are just as hard and durable as their natural counterparts. Due to this property, they are used to cut, polish, and remove any substance, including genuine diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are employed in drilled bits and, of course, saw blades. These lab-created diamond bits on the diamond saws give it the exact same chemical properties as the real diamonds in terms of hardness and cutting capability. 

The diamonds in your saw blades are useful for cutting anything with hard surfaces and depending upon the application, they are very versatile in nature. The components are really ground into a fine powder before being cut with a blade. For this reason, diamond saw blades can be used to cut through tough, abrasive materials like asphalt and concrete.

How, though, can they affix these artificial diamonds to the teeth of saws? Artificial diamonds are broken up into fragments and then molded or “cooked” in a furnace with metal powder. The diamond segment or diamond edge of the blade is created by pouring a diamond and metal mixture into a mold. The producer waits until the diamond is entirely firm before welding it to a steel core to make the saw blade.

We at BladesDirect.net not only manufacture diamond blades, but we are one of the largest distributors of diamond blades in the industry! Come check out our online store now and order your next diamond blade!