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How to Choose a Blade

Completing quality work, regardless of the project at hand, is reliant upon using the correct tools. And, in order to do good work, your tools must be in excellent condition. If you have ever tried to cut a steak with a dull knife you know exactly what we mean.

A simple comparison to the steak knife is a saw. Even the best saw on the market is useless if its blades are not sharp. Saw owners should always carefully check their blades at the conclusion of each project. Identifying issues at this point provides them the opportunity to change the blades when necessary.  Cutting with dull blades can unnecessarily damage the materials with which you are working and can prove to be hazardous as well.

Purchasing Replacement Blades

If you are a saw owner and are looking to purchase replacement blades, there are a number of things you must take into account. Two of the most important things the saw user will want to consider when purchasing replacement blades are:

  • Saw Type: There are many types of saws on the market today. The work you have to do helps to determine which type you need.  Some of the most popular are table saws and miter saws.
  • Saw Blade: Using the right blade improves both the quality of the work you do and the efficiency with which you operate.  While some blades are used in very specific situations, others are more versatile.  It is critical that you review the totality of the work you will be doing so you make the best possible decisions with regard to blade choice. 

One final thing to look at when purchasing saw blades are saw teeth. These are the “ridges” that are actually cut. Blades can have varying numbers of teeth - you must match the number of teeth to the specific work you plan to do.

Choosing the right replacement blade requires an understanding of the work you plan to do as well as knowledge of the products available on the market today. Because there are so many from which to choose, buying from a retailer with a substantial inventory is wise.  This will provide you the opportunity to select the best blade for your specific needs.


 At BladesDirect.net, we are proud of the broad range of saw blades that comprise our inventory.  Take some time and review all that we offer, and do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions. Our professionals, who are well-versed in our inventory,  can help you choose a blade for the job at hand.