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You can start utilizing your GRABO tool within seconds of obtaining it. The item can be put to use immediately after opening the packaging. Though the technology employed in its construction was cutting-edge and intricate, the GRABO itself is user-friendly and uncomplicated. Lift your GRABO to see the amazing vacuum technology at work as it effortlessly lifts your object by pushing the green LED switch and placing it on the object you need to move and leaving it for a few seconds. This green light also serves as a battery indicator. You can unhook your GRABO by pressing the red button at the end of the device after you've successfully relocated the object. If you need to change batteries, we introduced a quick and easy slide button to do this, which makes this procedure take roughly 5 seconds. The battery can be easily replaced and secured by sliding the button.

When pavers are placed on top of each other, they become much heavier, making the operation of lifting them a lengthy and exhausting one. Having a device that can help with lifting and moving these big, often fragile materials is invaluable in such a situation. This is when a paver lifter comes in handy, albeit not all paver lifters are created equal. If you need to move big objects, whether, for work or play, the GRABO tool is your best bet. It can be used to raise a wide range of materials, including a wide range of non-porous and slightly-porous pavers. Seal-coated stone pavers, plastic pavers, and rubber pavers can all be lifted with relative ease, as can a wide range of other types of materials.

The versatility of a GRABO tool lies in the variety of different pavers it can transport. Although other lifters are only useful for lifting non-porous pavers, the GRABO Paver Lifter's electric suction cup allows it to also lift somewhat porous stones. Porous materials include granite, marble, and concrete. Sandstone, flagstone, and limestone all have high porosity and can also be lifted. All of these types of materials may absolutely be moved safely using the GRABO tool. The GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter is mostly employed to move hefty, inconvenient, nonporous objects.

Unless the pavers have been sealed, a suction cup paver lifter is not likely to be able to lift them. Whether or not they have been sealed, and the porosity of that particular stone, determine how well they operate with other suction-based lifters. To give one example, dark granite is simpler for more lifters to lift since it is less porous than ordinary granite. This is just fine for the GRABO device to handle. The Electric Vacuum Lifter is an excellent device since it can be used to move heavy objects. You may confidently use it to move heavy objects like marble, granite, concrete, and brick paving stones. Steel, wood, glass, drywall, plastic, and more are all within its lifting capabilities.

There is never a dull moment on a construction site, what with all the people working there and the constant movement of enormous, heavy materials. Overall, construction sites can be made safer with the use of a GRABO Paver Lifter, which can be used to lift and transport a wide variety of building materials. Visit our online store to find a GRABO tool to suit your needs.