Diamond Blades For Cutting Granite

The Best Diamond Blades For Cutting Granite 

The percentage of quartz in granite, an igneous rock, ranges from 20 percent to 60 percent. Because of its extreme hardness, cutting granite requires specialized equipment and blades. To ensure that we have the optimal diamond saw blade for cutting any type of granite, we use a high concentration of premium-grade diamonds, the proper bonding, a range of diamond grits, and other parameters. Granite is a beautiful and long-lasting stone, but it can be difficult to work with. Granite tile is often more cost-effective and convenient to work with than granite slabs, especially for smaller projects like kitchen counters. 

This article discusses how to cut granite with the appropriate diamond blades. Granite tile is more durable than other types, such as ceramic tile, but is also tougher to cut. While ceramic tiles can be scored with a cutting wheel and snapped with a tile cutter, granite tile is too heavy and solid for this procedure. Although a tile wet saw or a specialized rail saw is typically used to reduce granite slabs, a circular saw with the appropriate diamond blade attachment can also be used. Consider the following tools for cutting granite tile. In general, wet-tile saws function in the same way as table saws, with a sliding table feeding the tile into an above blade. Making a clean, accurate cut is simple with a radial saw or wet saw. 

In order to cut through most varieties of granite, a circular saw fitted with a diamond blade is required. Granite can be sawed either wet or dry. A workspace is required, with tables that can support the granite, apart from the rest of the house because it will be a mess as the process of cutting granite leaves a lot of debris and shavings. Wet-cut circular saws have a little tube that drips water onto the surface of the granite as you cut, reducing the amount of dust created. For easier cleanup, cut the granite slab outdoors. 

If you decide to cut while wet (which will likely necessitate the purchase or rental of a wet-cutting saw), you'll end up with a slurry that will need to be hosed out. When cutting granite tile, a wet-cut circular saw is an ideal option because it generates less dust than a dry-cut saw. Water is an essential component in stone cutting and overall operations, as it is used in the grinding, polishing, and finishing processes. It aids in preventing equipment from overheating and cuts down on dust generated during processes.

A diamond-infused blade, which can be attached to a circular saw, table saw, or even a hand grinder, is necessary for cutting through granite's extreme hardness. A grinder is straightforward to use, but keep the blade wet to avoid shattering the granite. Following the marked guides as you cut using a circular saw equipped with a diamond blade help to have nice edges and accurate cuts in the shape, which a diamond blade enables. The diamond blade is the most effective tool for shaping granite into the required form, as it can cut along curves. It also helps to wrap the edges with duct tape before cutting. Therefore, the granite is less likely to chip and more likely to retain its original shape.

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