Blades for Concrete - Which 14” blade is Best

Blades for Concrete - Which 14” blade is Best

A popular material in construction, concrete is regularly used in the United States.  Some of the reasons we see so often include the fact that it is both durable and cost-effective, sustainable and strong.  It is no surprise that it's the most popular building material around the world. This material's uses are seemingly limitless and include home building foundations, roadways, bridges, and other architectural structures.

Diamond Blades for Concrete

Those who have worked with concrete understand the importance of using the most appropriate tools in their projects. The material you wish to cut dictates your choice. Without a doubt, in the case of concrete, these tend to be diamond blades. 

Because of their durability, diamond blades are regularly used for cutting concrete. The way these blades are designed makes them an obvious choice. While concrete is incredibly strong, it is identified as a “soft material”. Certain blades are designed specifically to cut it. It is important to know the type of concrete work you will be doing, as some diamond blades have been engineered for wet cuts and others for dry. You want to be sure you use the blades as directed so they don’t break.

Offering Top-Notch Blades for Concrete

The marketplace offers a host of blades from a broad range of manufacturers from which to choose. At Blades Direct, we stock the most highly rated products, including the following 14 inch diamond blades perfect for cutting concrete. We are pleased to offer top-notch blades from the following companies

These three companies are known to manufacture the highest quality products and are well-regarded for their 14” concrete blades.

The purchase of a saw blade is an investment, one which helps you to operate more efficiently and effectively and provide your clients the quality construction they deserve. When shopping for blades for your projects that include concrete, make sure you understand the scope of the work you do. You want to make sure the tool you purchase can fulfill your needs.

At Blades Direct we are proud of the products we stock. We invite you to browse our inventory and contact our knowledgeable sales staff with any questions about the best blades for concrete.