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Best 14 Inch Blades to Cut Pavers

Pavers are everywhere.  Just take a look at patios, driveways, and hardscaping outside of homes and businesses; we are seeing pavers now more than ever.  And, this is for good reason. Not only are they durable, but they also look great.

While some people hire a professional to install their pavers, others prefer to do it themselves. In either instance, having the right tools is imperative. You want to be able to cut the pavers cleanly so the finished product is pleasing to the eye.

While there are numerous ways to cut pavers, using a power saw allows you to work more quickly, provides greater control, and offers cleaner edges than other options. When looking at 14 inch blades, often the ideal size for paver cutting jobs, selecting the right blade is key.  Diamond blades are an excellent choice as they are incredibly functional and good for cutting any type of paver, including those made of concrete. That said, you want to select the perfect blade for the material with which you are working.

Blades to Cut Pavers Inventory

At Blades Direct, our inventory consists of the industry's most well-regarded 14-inch blades perfect for pavers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Samedia: SHOXX TX13 - Tri-Cut SHOCKER Diamond Blade: This blade, available in a range of sizes, is made by Samedia of Germany. It cuts super fast and is made for cutting pavers, reinforced concrete, stone, and other materials. It’s versatile and an excellent investment. 
  • ROC Abrasives: T-SEG: Stone/Brick/Block/Pavers: Available in 14 inches (and 12 as well) This blade is known for its long life as well as its ability to be used with or without water. It cuts a range of materials including hard paver brick and hard concrete, making it ideal for a host of jobs. 

When completing paver jobs, you want to be able to work efficiently and effectively and create high-quality projects. The key to doing this is determining the best tools to leverage. Fourteen-inch diamond blades are ideal for paver cutting and an excellent addition to your collection of tools.

At Blades Direct our sales associates have a complete understanding of our inventory and can help you determine the best blade for your needs, such as the best blades to cut pavers