Blades Direct Reviews - Blue Thunder

The Blue Thunder by CUT-MASTER is a specialty diamond cutting blade that is offered in a 14" x .125 size, with a 12mm segment height. This product is designed for hard stone and concrete surfaces and is the latest product to emerge from the CUT-MASTER line of diamond cutting products. These are high-efficiency blades that are durable and provide a long shelf life. Not only is The Blue Thunder blade a nice looking product, but it gets the job done! As an exclusive distributor of CUT-MASTER products, Blades Direct is offering the Blue Thunder blade at nearly $150 below catalog price. Blue Thunder purchases may also qualify customers for our special promo products, which accompany orders that meet certain volume requirements. For more information on the Blue Thunder and other diamond cutting products offered by Blades Direct, call a customer support representative at 1-855-225-2337 or visit http://www.bladesdirect.net/product/blue-thunder-x-series-by-cut-master/ to place your order today!