Diamond Blade Performance

Diamond Blades, for those who are unfamiliar, are saw blades comprised of a steel core and diamond segments. Usually sold separately from the saws in which they operate, these blades are extremely useful when cutting a broad range of materials. Different types of blades are used by both construction professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Perhaps you are asking, why should I invest in diamond blades? The answer is, quite simply, because of their performance.

Check out three clear reasons below.

  • Speed: Blades are extremely fast cutting. In fact, some diamond blades cut three times faster than other blades used on comparable materials. This brings value to you, as a user. You finish quickly. You can complete more work in a shorter time span. If you are a business owner, your clients will LOVE having their projects completed efficiently.
  • Versatility: Blades are versatile. In fact, some can cut an incredibly broad range of materials. For example, the Tri Cut Shocker Blade TX13 can cut reinforced concrete, asphalt, pavers, stone, bluestone, granite, ductile iron, construction steel and more. The value of being able to use one blade in so many circumstances is considerable.
  • Precision: Blades are known for their ability to cut precisely.  You know the importance of quality work. These blades provide you the ability to work in the most exacting of situations.
  In short, if you are looking to add blades with a reputation for the highest performance quality, you should absolutely consider diamond blades. At Bladesdirect.net we carry the broadest range of diamond blades. Visit us at Bladesdirect.net and review our incredible inventory. Then, give us a call at 855-225-2337 and we will help you determine the best blades to meet your needs. As always, understand that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Customer satisfaction remains our highest priority. We look forward to working with you.