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Thanks to its enormous compaction force combined with a quick forward and return travel, the DPU 6555 offers an extremely high level of productivity. It is a very versatile machine for all construction sites where extreme demands are placed on the performance efficiency. In addition, it offers excellent characteristics in terms of service life and operating comfort. Optimal application areas are the compaction of frost coverings and bearing layers in street, path and parking lot construction as well as backfilling buildings. Thanks to a frequency of 69 Hz, the DPU 6555 is universally applicable and even reliably compacts heavy interlocking paving stones. The model version DPU 6555Hec is equipped with Compatec, the compaction control by Wacker Neuson. This is also available as a retrofit kit for all DPU 6555He models starting with the year 2011.

The innovative guide handle provides for very low hand-arm vibrations and optimizes the user-friendliness. An operator present system prevents the operator from being trapped between the unit and an object when working backward. Extensive comfort functions, such as low oil shutdown, self-adjusting V-belts, maintenance-free alternator. A large dimensioned diesel engine offers high power reserves and ensures for a high level of efficiency and long service life. Compatec: Easy to read display of the relative compaction progress. Warning for overload and overcompaction. Brightness adjustment of the lights to the ambient light. Extremely robust and reliable.

Lowest hand-arm vibration The totally redesigned Wacker Neuson guide handle provides a hand-arm vibration of under 2,5 m/s². This allows for an all-day continuous operation without impairment and risk to the user. All documentation requirements are omitted if an operator only works with equipment that has acceleration values below 2.5 m/s².

Pinpoint compaction Compatec compaction control shows you when the soil is adequately compacted. Over compaction and overload can be avoided. Easy to transport On job sites as well as on transportation vehicles: thoughtful details make the transport of our Vibratory Plates comfortable and easy. Low hand-arm vibration Especially in continuous use low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) are essential. Our reversible vibratory plates can be used without any time limit and mostly even without documentation requirements. User comfort installed For particular user friendliness all Wacker Neuson models are easy and simple to use. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING"
DPU 6555Heh DPU 6555Hech

Operating data 

Operating weight  lb 1,091 1,096
Centrifugal force  lbf 14,612 14,612
Base plate size (W x L) in 21.7 x 35 21.7 x 35
Base plate thickness  in 0.5 0.5
Height (ground clearance) in 33.6 33.6
Operating width (with extension plates) in 28 28
Frequency  Hz 69 69
Hand-arm vibrations  ft/s² 4.3 4.3
Advance travel max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) ft/min 91.8 91.8
Surface capacity max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) ft²/h 12,917 12,917
Transport height  in 59.9 59.9
Transport length  in 41.7 41.7
Transport width  in 30.7 30.7
Shipping weight  lb 1,105 1,108

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-cycle diesel engine Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-cycle diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Hatz Hatz
Engine / Motor  1D81S 1D81S
Displacement  in³ 40.7 40.7
Engine performance (rated power) (IFN DIN ISO 3046) kW 9.6 9.6
at rpm  rpm 2,800 2,800
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) kW 6.8 6.8
at rpm  rpm 3,010 3,010
Fuel consumption  US gal/h 0.5 0.5
Tank capacity (fuel) US qt 6.3 6.3
Power transmission  From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter. From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter.
Fuel type  Diesel Diesel
CO2 (NRSC) * g/kW-hr 974 974