SPE 20ES - Shot Blaster
SPE 20ES - Shot Blaster
SPE 20ES - Shot Blaster

SPE 20ES - Shot Blaster

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The SPE 20E Super - for the serious contractor

The SPE 20ES shot blaster is a large machine for the serious contractor, ideal for high productivity. Electrically powered, it is mainly used for preparation of concrete floors but equally effective on steel surfaces. The SPE 20ES series of shot blasting machines can have electrical safety certification for petrochemical refinery use. Self propelled and infinitely variable in all operations, the SPE20ES range can be dismantled to pass through 600 mm access holes in storage tanks. The seal system feature as with all other machines can be varied to blast clean from 2" up to 20" wide for inspection of weld seams or line removal. Recognized in industry as the modern, fast, versatile, environmental dust free means to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. This eliminates mess normally associated with hand blasting.

An ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied results, whilst abrasives and debris are contained to prevent hazardous working and environmental pollution.

  • 508mm (20") working width
  • Electrically powered, hydraulic dive
  • Fast blast steel to SA 2.5- 3 standards, concrete and asphalt with ease
  • Optional seal system to vary blast width


  • Blast unit constructed of manganese steel
  • Dust collector fitted with integral compressor and reverse air jet pulsation system to allow continuous working
  • Drive wheels are within the width of the blast cabinet
  • Blasting width can be reduced for line removal and weld inspection
  • Self propelled variable speed drive allows complete operator control
  • Grill fitted into lower separator hopper unit assembly to eliminate foreign objects being allowed into the blast wheel and causing damage
  • Capable of using up to S780 abrasive
  • Blast wheel can be rotated in both directions (optional extra)
  • Can be dismantled to pass through a 600mm access hole in storage tanks

Typical Applications

  • Removal of old coatings
  • Exposing aggregates
  • Providing non-slip surfaces
  • Removing rubber deposits
  • Steel preparation to SA3 standard
  • Laitance removal on new concrete floors
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Shopping precincts
  • Food processing plants
  • Storage tanks roofs and floors
  • Ships decks
  • Steel plates
  • Offshore platforms
  • Ro-Ro bridges
  • Ferries
  • Foot bridges


Bartell Global makes the SPE Shot Blasters in the following models: SPE 9ES, SPE 9G, SPE 12ES, SPE 16ES, and the SPE 20ES.