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Samedia: SHOXX BX13 - Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blade

Samedia: SHOXX BX13 - Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blade

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Samedia: SHOXX BX13 - Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blade

The Universal SHOXX BX13 Shocker blade offers supreme quality, SHOXX Patented Forged Segment Technology and is made by Samedia out of Germany.

The BX13 is really fast and sustainable. The real deal for concrete cutting. For sure, the BX13 is a beast. Extreme Fast Cut with low vibration, 6 out 6 Rated Diamond Quality.  The highest lifetime and cutting performances.

SHOXX® tools ensure these competitive advantages: 

  1. Cutting speed 2x faster than competitors' tools. 
  2. Blades lifetime 2x longer than average blades.
  3. Vibration reduction up to 25% while cutting.
  4. Highly reinforced safety due to the unmatched resistance of our segment welding!

Product Specification: 

  • Available Blade Sizes: 
  • Arbor Size:  1" ph*
  • Segment Height: 1/2"
  • Segment Type: SHOXX Forged Segment, Laser Welded 
  • Application: Cuts strongly reinforced concrete, washed concrete, concrete products, granite, natural stone, brickwork, roof tiles.
  • Saw Types: Ideal for angle grinders, high-speed saws, table saws, walk-behind saw.