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Properties of Husqvarna CURE (K)

Husqvarna CURE (K) is a potassium silicate ideal for trowelled surfaces. Thanks to its relatively quick reaction time and high viscosity it is ideal for densification early in the grinding process or for use on porous or trowelled floors. Using a Lithium silicate on porous or floors would also work, but since you are to apply the densifier “until rejection”, you would need to apply a lot more volume to reach the same point of rejection. This, in combination with the lower price of the Potassium silicate, makes the Potassium silicate a much more economical alternative on porous floors or large projects.

The product is used as densifier and hardener on troweled concrete as well as on polished concrete between the grinding and honing steps.


Husqvarna CURE (K) can be used on all calcareous floor coverings, such as grinded/polished and troweled concrete floors, cementitious screeds, terrazzo, terrazzo tiles, etc. Applications are e.g. industrial floors, market halls, logistic centers, supermarkets and in private homes, indoor and outdoor.


The surface to be treated must be dry and free from impurities. To ascertain the consumption make a separate sample area of the same surface. Apply after 100 grit metal bond diamond pads, i.e. the last metal step before shifting into resin tools. Note: Husqvarna CURE (K) might very well be applied directly after the grouting process to leave everything to harden simultaneously. Use a micro fiber mop to facilitate a homogenous and efficient coverage and treatment. Keep surface moist for 20 minutes and then remove surplus material. Drying time will be around 1-2 hours. If the product is applied between grinding steps, the product should be left to harden for approx. 8 hrs. Any sequential grinding or troweling is normally continued the next day.