Husqvarna BMG 780

Husqvarna BMG 780

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BMG 780 is a triple head grinder designed for finishing large horizontal surfaces. This machine is equipped as standard with a speed control system.

It is an easy to use machine with low vibrations and at the same time has the highest grinding head pressure in the range. BMG 780 is equipped with a smart easy-to-use keypad that gives you all relevant information such as Amps, Volt, rpm, etc. In addition, the adjustable steering handle includes protection for the operating buttons. This is an ideal machine for companies dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding or polishing applications.

  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer)
    20 hp
  • Grinding width
    30.7 in


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its features and benefits.

Adjustable steering handle

The adjustable steering handle (4 positions) includes a keypad operation panel with all relevant information (Amps, Volt, rpm, etc). You can adjust the speed of the machine from this panel.

Multiple storage

This triple disc grinder has a storage box on the top of the frame, a phone holder and a bottle holder which are fixed on the steering handle.

Efficient dust management

This grinder is equipped as standard with a local dust exhaust of 3 in diameter, a floating shroud and an extra nozzle for minimized dust exposure on the job site.

Time saving tool change

This floor grinder is standard delivered with the 240 mm diameter Slidemag adapter plates. These allow the Slidemag wings to be easily slid in and out.



Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer)
20 hp
Rated current
32 A
230 V


Grinding width
30.7 in
Grinding disc speed min
400 rpm
Grinding disc speed max
1200 rpm
Number of grinding discs


Product size length
91.4 in
Product size width
31 in
Product size height
51.6 in
1074 lbs