Norton Wet Cutting Kit for Masonry Saws

Norton Wet Cutting Kit for Masonry Saws

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Norton Clipper Masonry Saw Wet Kit

Presented is a new masonry saw wet kit from Norton Clipper Construction Products. The BBM307 BBM158 Masonry Saw wet kit.

Specifications: This wet kit is for the Model BBM158 or the Model BBM307

Wet tile cutting is a process that involves using a power tool, such as a wet tile saw, to cut through tiles using a continuous stream of water. Wet tile cutting is a popular method for cutting tiles because it can produce brilliant cuts while reducing dust and debris. There are several benefits to using wet tile cutting. In addition to producing precise and clean cuts, the continuous stream of water helps to cool the blade and reduce wear and tear on the tool. Wet tile cutting can also reduce the amount of dust and debris produced during the cutting process, making it a safer and more pleasant work environment. This kit has all of the things that you will need to aid in the wet-cutting process.

  • Electric Water Pump
  • Hoses and valving
  • Attachment hardware to your saw
  • Bucket
  • Full Warranty
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