BPS1550Aw Wacker Neuson Compactor

BPS1550Aw Wacker Neuson Compactor

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Material number 5100061216
Single-direction vibratory plate with Honda gasoline engine.

This single direction plate is perfect for compacting soil and asphalt evenly, providing an excellent finish. The angled side edges are ideal for compaction along curbs and obstructions, while the responsive guide handle delivers easy control of the machine, enabling long working hours with low hand-arm vibration (less than 5 m/s²). When it's time to move or load the BPS1550AW, its large lifting eye and ergonomically designed carrying handles make it effortless to do so. Furthermore, this machine features a large water tank and efficient sprinkling system to further facilitate your task. Maintenance is not an issue either, the BPS1550AW comes with an heavy-duty fan belt and lifetime lubrication system, ensuring long life spans free of worries.

 Single direction vibratory plate with water tank for soil and asphalt compaction. Powered by a Honda gasoline engine.

  • Easy to maneuver and provides excellent compaction.
  • Angular side edges of the baseplate provides even, clean finish along curbs and obstructions.
  • Responsive guide handle results in easy and comfortable control of the machine.
  • Low hand-arm vibration of less than 5 m/s², which enables long, comfortable working conditions
  • Easy to transport: a large lifting eye and wide, ergonomically designed carrying handles make moving and loading the machine both easy and comfortable.
  • Large water tank and efficient sprinkling system
  • Maintenance-free: The BPS series is equipped with an heavy-duty fan belt and offers lifetime lubrication. As a result, it is practically maintenance free.
  • Accessories sold separately: wheel set and paving stone pad offer additional applications.
ENGINE Imperial Metric
Fuel management Carburettor Carburettor
Inclined position max. 20,0 ° 20,0 °
Engine operating mode four-stroke four-stroke
Operating Engine speed 3.520 1/min 3.520 1/min
Fuel consumption 0,2 GPH US 0,80 L/Std
CO2 (NRSC) 757,00 g/KWh 757,00 g/KWh
Standard (Power max.) SAE J1349 SAE J1349
Standard (Effective power) ISO 3046 IFN ISO 3046 IFN
Tank capacity 1,0 gal US 3,60 l
Nominal Engine speed 3.600 1/min, 3.600 1/min 3.600 1/min, 3.600 1/min
Oil filling max. 0,2 gal US 0,60 l
Effective power 4,2 hp, 4,8 hp 3,1 kW, 3,6 kW
Battery capacity (nom. value) 0 Ah 0 Ah
Air cleaner Dry air filter Dry air filter
Power rating max. 4,8 hp 3,6 kW
Cooling air cooling air cooling
Exhaust-gas limit EPA4/08, EU Stage V EPA4/08, EU Stage V
Oil specification SAE 10W-30 SAE 10W-30
Starter battery Voltage 0 V 0 V
Engine speed (Power max.) 3.600 1/min 3.600 1/min
Starter type Recoil starter Recoil starter
Operating power 3,9 hp 2,9 kW
Oil filling min. 0,2 gal US 0,60 l
Engine type Gasoline engine Gasoline engine
Cylinder 1 1
Engine Manufacturer Honda Honda
Standard (Operating power) ISO 3046 IFN ISO 3046 IFN
Cylinder capacity 9,9 Inch3 163 cm3
Spark plug(s) NGK BP-6 ES NGK BP-6 ES
Kraftstofftyp Gasoline Gasoline
Oil volume incl. filter change 0,2 gal US 0,60 l
Vibrations 5.880 1/min 5.880 1/min
Forward running 1,4 fps 25,00 m/min
Transmission FKK-KR FKK-KR
Gradeability 36,4 % 36,4 %
Centrifugal force 3.372 lbf 15,000 kN
Vibrations (Hz) 98,0 Hz 98,0 Hz
Area capacity 8.073,0 ft2/h 750 m2/h
Electrode distance 0,028 - 0,032 " 0,70 - 0,80 mm
Operating temperature range 5 - 113 °F -15 - 45 °C
Sound power LWA, guaranteed 108,0 dB(A) 108,0 dB(A)
Storage temperature range 5 - 104 °F -15 - 40 °C
HAV summation (average value) 13,5 ft/s2 4,1 m/s2
Uncertainty in measurement HAV 1,6 ft/s2 0,5 m/s2
HAV summation (Standard) EN 500-4 EN 500-4
Sound level LpA 95,0 dB(A) 95,0 dB(A)
Sound power LWA (Standard) EN 500-4 EN 500-4
Sound power LWA, measured 107,0 dB(A) 107,0 dB(A)
Length Drawbar in op. pos. 38,2 " 970 mm
Operating weight 196,4 lb 89,1 kg
Ground clearance 26,1 " 663 mm
Height 26,1 " 663 mm
Width 19,7 " 500 mm
Custom Attributes Imperial Metric
Model series BPS