DM 340 Heavy Core Drill Motor

DM 340 Heavy Core Drill Motor

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Powerful electric core drill for use with stand. DM 340 is the perfect choice for medium and heavy core drilling where high production rates are needed, especially with large diameter core bits.

Recommended diameter up to 16 in. The motor is very easy to operate with several ergonomic features facilitating drilling and set up. Suitable for water evacuation, ventilation, angle drilling and stitch drilling.

Drill bit diameter with stand, max - 16 in
Voltage - 100-120 V


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its features and benefits.

Drill with maximum pressure

An LED indicator shows the load of the machine, allowing you to always drill at maximum pressure.

Easy start with reduced speed

Used with starting a hole, speed is reduced by half using the Smart Start® button, which reduces vibration.

Overload protection

Increases productivity and extends service life.

Durable and ergonomic design

Durable and shock-proof, designed to protect the electronics. Easy to carry and install thanks to low weight and ergonomic design.

Reliable gearbox

Watercooled 3 speed gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.

Load indicator

The LED indicator shows the load of the machine, allowing the operator to always drill at maximum pressure, for best performance.


The machine uses pulsation to warn you of an approaching overload. This increases productivity and extends product life.


An electronic current limiter for soft starts with normal fuses. This gives you a smooth start with high productivity and reduces initial load on motor.

Angle drilling

Drilling holes in stepless adjustable angles.


Drilling for installation of stair rails, fences, etc.

Horizontal drilling

Drilling horizontally.

Stitch drilling

Drilling multiple holes next to each other to make openings.

Water evacuation

Drilling for water evacuation.

Vertical drilling

Drilling upwards and downwards.

Channels, pipes and cables

Drilling ventilation channels and holes for pipes and cables.