ROC Abrasives: ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme
ROC Abrasives: ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme

ROC Abrasives: ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme

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ROC Abrasives: ROC Porcelain Crusher Supreme

Supreme series dry tile porcelain paver and porcelain tile blade with thin turbo rim.  Highest possible quality, cuts porcelain tile, stone, or granite like scissors through paper!  This blade will not fail on you!

New design and very popular with the most demanding tile professionals.

Product Specification: 

  • Available Blade Sizes: 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7" 10", 12" 14"
  • Arbor Size:  7/8-5/8, 7/8-20mm*, 5/8", 1" Depending on Size
  • Segment Height: 10mm (.394)
  • Application: Porcelain Tile, Porcelain Driveway Tile, Stone, Marble, and some Granite, all tile
  • Saw Type: Angle Grinder, Circular Saw, Tile Saw
  • Wet or Dry Cutting
  • Note:  Available in Blue. Color choice NOT guaranteed

When chopping porcelain tiles, diamond blades are your best bet. While using a circular saw or angle grinder, you may reduce the size of porcelain tiles to the right dimensions for your tile floor. A porcelain tile saw blade can also be used to cut through concrete, granite, or even drywall. Given their extreme hardness, porcelain tiles necessitate the use of specialized blades. You know that these are diamond-coated blades. They are used for both cutting and grinding porcelain tiles. Diamond coating on steel makes these tools extremely hardy and long-lasting. They're also excellent for clean, precise cutting. Blades alone are not enough though, you'll also need tools like circular saws, tile cutters, and angle grinders. But keep in mind that cutting porcelain with an angle grinder can be a bit of a challenge. Due to the fact that it is a portable tool, great care must be taken to avoid scratching the tiles.