Dry Core Bits Allow For Fast Drilling

Dry core bits are tools for jobs that require holes in various types of surfaces, which include concrete, stone, brick, tile, and other hard-surface materials. Dry core bits, as their name implies, work without the need of water to reduce friction. And without the need of a water-cooling drilling device, operating a dry core bit can significantly reduce setup and cleanup times for jobs. Core bits are also well-known for their ability to provide fast cuts. Coupled with being used without water, dry core bits are ideal for those who need to perform jobs in a quick and efficient manner. High speed and light pressure are desired for operating dry core bits and moving the bit in and out of the hole is very important in removing the cuttings from the hole while the operation is being conducted. Once the cut is completed, you should be able to easily remove the hard surface material that has been cut away and collected inside the hollow part of the bit. At Blades Direct, we offer a variety of dry core bits in various sizes and styles. We also offer wet core bits are well, for those who prefer to use these as alternatives. For more information, please call us toll free at 1-855-225-2337.