A Cutting Paver’s Radius Cut – A Tutorial and Demonstration

In many jobs involving diamond cutting tools, it will be necessary to provide a circular-shaped cut. When cutting in a radius, use a piece of flexible PCP pipe to mark your intended cutting area with a marking pencil. This will provide a clean, smooth radius and a line to follow when making your cut. Follow the line with your blade saw, making a very shallow cut (scoring the surface) no more than 1/4? deep. This will later serve as a guide for the saw blade when you come back for the actual full cut of the paver. When you begin making your cut, you’ll need to ensure that the saw is at the proper angle and be very careful of the dust that is kicked up during the cutting process. Having a spotter blowing the cutting area with a leaf blower will help keep the dust away. Also be sure to wear a mask and eye protection during your cut. Dust from these types of cuts bonds to wet surfaces immediately, so it is very important to ensure none enters your airway or lungs. Once the cut has been made, you can then remove any excess scraps or pieces. View the entire demonstration here: [youtube UnDKY-JRrD8 nolink]