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Our SHOXX RX13 Diamond Blades are the industry's best diamond blades for cutting a variety of materials with accuracy and precision. Our advanced design ensures that our diamond blades provide maximum performance and life expectancy in any application. The blade's segment configuration utilizes special technology to reduce chatter and vibration while increasing cutting speed, giving you the perfect cut every time.

The SHOXX RX13 Diamond Blades are designed for a wide range of applications, including concrete and brick cutting, general masonry, and asphalt cutting. It is also suitable for high-speed curve cutting and even more complex tasks such as tile removal or repair work. With its superior life expectancy, the SHOXX RX13 is perfect for multiple jobs around the job site.

At BladesDirect.net, we understand that our customers need reliable and durable diamond blades to get the job done quickly, so rest assured that SHOXX RX13 Diamond Blades are backed by our industry-leading warranty for added peace of mind. If you're looking for a dependable way to cut through concrete, brick, asphalt, and other materials with precision, you've come to the right place. Check out our SHOXX RX13 Diamond Blades today and see why they are the industry's best!

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Some Of Our SHOXX RX13 Diamond Blades Include

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Product Specification:

  • Available Blade Sizes:5", 9", 12", 14" 16" 20"
  • Arbor Size: 7/8, 1"-20mm, ph*
  • Segment Height: 1/2"
  • Segment Type: SHOXX Forged Segment, Deep Protection, Laser Welded Segments
  • Application: Will Cut Pavers, Natural stone, reinforced concrete, washed concrete, concrete products, granite, stone, bluestone, lime sandstone, brickwork, ductile cast iron, and SML pipes.
  • Saw Types: Ideal for high-speed saws, high-speed saws, and wall chasers
  • Manufacturer: Samedia


- Superb diamond blade, made in SHOXX forged segments.

- Maximum cutting speed

- Maximum cutting speed

- Clean Cuts

- Suitable for use with angle grinders, high-speed saws, and wall chasers

- Segments are all laser welded

- Extremely long-lasting blades that last 2x longer than the highest-end blades in the industry

14” Shoxx Blades - 3 PACK DISCOUNT - TRIPLE PLAY!!

Supreme Quality Shoxx Blade RX13 General Purpose, Shoxx Patented Technology, Made By Samedia out of Germany.

Extreme Fast Cutting, 6 out of 6 Rated Diamond Quality.

Shoxx Blade RX13 comes in the following sizes: 4.5", 12", 14" 16" 20". Good For cutting – Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, Blue Stone, Granite.

Samedia: SHOXX UX17 SHOXX Diamond Blade


- The market's highest segment height at 11/16" Premium German-made diamond blade

- With SHOXX forged segments, you get unmatched durability and reliability.

- Fully Laser Welded

- 2x quicker cutting than comparable traditional products on the market

- Double the lifespan of comparable blades

- Diamonds that have been coated with titanium

- Extreme adaptability

Samedia: SHOXX GX13 - Granite Diamond Blade

Product Specification:

  • Available Blade Sizes: 14", 16"
  • Arbor Size: 1", ph*
  • Segment Height: 1/2"
  • Segment Type: SHOXX Forged Segment, Deep Protection, Laser Welded Segments
  • Application: Will Cut Granite, Natural Stone, Quartz, Porphyry, and Concrete Faster, and last longer than any other blade in the world.
  • Saw Types: Exclusively suitable for table saws

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