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Take your craftsmanship to new heights with our exclusive saw deal. This package allows you the flexibility to customize your blade box according to your needs. You can choose from the high-precision ROC SB10 Blades or the sturdy SHOXX Shocker Blades. If you can't decide, go for the half-and-half option to experience the best of both worlds.

The deal gets sweeter as we're offering you the choice between two top-notch saws - The Matika and the Husqvarna. Both saws are renowned for their cutting-edge performance and durability, ensuring that you get the most value for your money.

And here's the cherry on top - we're offering an incredible discount on this deal, making it an offer too good to pass up. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your toolkit with these high-quality, reliable saws and blades. It's more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your craft.

Some Of Our Saw Deals Include:

Diamond Blades For Sale

Bartell Global Vibratory Paver Roller - BPR1080H-4


Roller locks prevent movement during transport

Throttle on the handle for convenience & safety

Durable plate steel body

Convenient lifting handles double as tie-downs

Built-in hoist hook

The Bartell Global Pave Rollers are designed to work with all pavers and slabs to effectively work your polymeric sand material into the joints — right down to the bedding layer! The rollers are designed to gently roll over a wide range of stone and concrete textures and thicknesses to provide effective joint consolidation without the risk of cracking, chipping, or damaging, which can happen when using traditional compactors.

Soff Cut Vari-Cut Purple Husqvarna Diamond Blade


  • Ultra-hard aggregate, non-abrasive sand
  • Blades come with skid plate which should be replaced with each new blade
  • Maximum cutting speed for quick and efficient cuts
  • Optimized noise and vibration levels
  • Slots in the core prevent dust accumulation
  • Segment height designed to provide maximum performance with minimum effort

Our Soff Cut Vari-Cut Purple Husqvarna Diamond Blade is the perfect choice for tackling all your sewing needs. Its high-quality steel construction and ultra-hard aggregate will last through your toughest projects. The blade is specially designed to prevent dust accumulation and optimize noise and vibration levels, giving you the best performance with minimum effort. Plus, the slots in the core ensure a smoother cut for greater precision results. Get your hands on this diamond blade today; it's sure to become an essential part of your toolkit!

Don't wait! Elevate your toolkit and enhance your craftsmanship today with our unbeatable saw deal. Experience the power, precision, and durability that our saws and blades offer. Don't let this fantastic offer slip away - Click here to grab your saw deal now! Your next project awaits!

Husqvarna MS360G 4.8HP + FREE BLADES

Diamond Blades Near Me

The MS360G is a gasoline masonry saw for outdoor or well-ventilated areas. MS 360 G has an exceptional cutting depth of up to 5'' deep for a standard 14'' blade and cuts materials up to 15'' in length. The sturdy and rigid design makes it suitable for large jobs cutting blocks, bricks, or pavers. The MS 360 G switches easily between plunge and miter cutting which makes it fast and versatile on the job site. The water containment system facilitates a clean work area. (Stand sold separately)

  • Cutting depth, max: 5 in
  • Blade diameter, max: 14 in
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer): 4.8 hpÀ

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Enhance your craftsmanship by taking advantage of our unbeatable saw deal today. Whether it's the ROC SB10 Blades, the SHOXX Shocker Blades, The Matika, or the Husqvarna Saw, you're guaranteed to find a tool that fits your needs perfectly. And with our amazing discount, there's never been a better time to invest in your craft and elevate your toolkit.

So, why wait? Grab this once-in-a-lifetime deal now and start creating masterpieces with your new high-quality, reliable, and efficient tools. Remember, this is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your future projects. Place your order today and experience the difference that top-notch equipment can make. Don't miss out, elevate your craftsmanship today with our exclusive saw deal. Call us today at 855-225-2337 for more information!