Dig Safely This Spring: Friendly Reminders

Spring is in the air, which means lots of thawed out grounds, which means a resumption in digging projects. The below story is an important reminder about the hazards of carelessly digging on job sites. Telephone lines, sprinkler systems, and gas pipelines can create huge headaches if hit. Be careful and don't forget about our important safety reminders while out on job sites! The Blades Direct Team

Safe Digging Reminder for Spring Construction Projects

  BISMARK, ND - With warmer weather, excavators are busy digging. "This year, we've had a real advantage of nice weather, the frost has come out of the ground early," said Chad Moldenhauer of K & L Homes Inc. Moldenhauer builds homes around Bismarck, and contracts any digging work for his properties to Prairie View Excavating. But underneath all this dirt lies utility lines like telephone wires and natural gas pipelines that can be dangerous even deadly if hit. "I don't want any of my guys getting electrocuted or blown up by hitting a gas line or a power line," said Logan Thompson, a foreman for Prairie View Excavating. [READ MORE]