Construction Safety in the News - Reminder of Cutting Tool Dangers

As we move into the heart of the holiday season, Blades Direct wants to remind current and prospective customers (as well as the general public) to rememeber that safety should always come first with any and all construction-related work, whether at home or on a job site. Case in point, the following tragic story comes out of Pennsylvania, where a father of three children was killed as the result of a freak chainsaw accident:


Drilling Worker Killed In Bradford County Accident 12/12/2012 BURGLINGTON TWSP., PA. - A drilling company worker was killed Wednesday while clearing a a right of way for a natural gas pipeline in Bradford County. Bradford County Coroner Thomas Carman says 42-year old Kenneth Elliott of Missouri was killed in the accident which took place off the Berwick Turnpike in Burlington Township. Elliott was working for Midway Oilfield out of Texas. The company was clearing the right of way for a natural gas pipeline. Elliott was using a chainsaw to cut down a tree when the tree kicked back striking Elliott and knocking him to the ground. The coroner says he died from head injuries. Elliott leaves behind three children. SOURCE


As we have previously documented, safety should be the number one priority when operating blades, saws, and other cutting tools. One momentary lapse in concentration during the operation of these pieces of equipment can lead to life-altering or tragic results. Please keep this in mind and we wish you and your family a safe, happy, and prosperous holiday season. Additionally, our thoughts and prayers go out the the family in the above story during this time. The Blades Direct Team