Why SHOXX Diamond Blades From Blades Direct LLC Are Worth A Try? (Blades Direct Review)

Blades Direct LLC is an online distributor for diamond blades and related tools for construction & other related industries. Blades Direct is the only North American dealer for SAMEDIA products which includes, SHOXX® diamond blades & RX13 diamond blades. 

SAMEDIA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of diamond tools and owns factories in France & Germany. SAMEDIA has developed highly innovative products and technologies known as the SHOXX® patented forging technology.

SHOXX® diamond blades ensure

  • Twice the cutting speed.
  • Longer blade lifetime.
  • Vibration reduction. 
  • High reinforced safety.

In 2019, our customers showed enormous response to the SHOCKER blades RX13 which sold out a record number of times. It got many positive reviews and earned a lot of applause for its long-lasting life & cutting speed. It also indicated the demand & potential market for our products in the market. You can check out what our customers say about our blades at Blades Direct customer review.

Blades Direct LLC expressed pleasure in partnership with SAMEDIA and currently, we are the only direct dealer of the SAMEDAI products in North America. We also made our presence in both “the Northeast Hardscape Expo in Providence RI in March 2019 and the Hardscape North America trade show in Louisville KY in October 2019”. 

Blades Direct LLC has a lot of Understanding in the industry and which allows them to provide tools for the construction companies & contractors. We also can help the customer's needs for the tools for their projects. At present, we stand out of the competition with quality products which tends to satisfy the client's needs.

Diamond blades sold by Blades Direct are the best for clean & professional cut of concretes or granites. They provide products that are available in different sizes based on the construction work. They have different product categories which include SHOXX Blades, Asphalt Blades, Bridge Saw Blades, Granite Blades and so on.

For more information, please contact us through our website or call our toll free number at 1-855-2BLADES (855-225-2337) to speak with a diamond blades representative.