Crown Concrete Mixer Review

A concrete (cement) mixer is a machine that combines cement and water to constitute wet concrete that eventually hardens to build roadways, sidewalks, and building structures. You have no doubt seen the massive trucks on the highways with the oval rotating drums which are used to mix elements and keep concrete from hardening. However there are alternatives to those big machines in the form of portable, concrete mixers. One such product comes from Crown Construction Equipment ("Crown"). The Crown CB6 Mixer is offered by Blades Direct and provides a high-strength frame with a rugged tow bar. The drum on the CB6 uses a high-abrasion resistant steel component for a longer lasting life. Standard on all towable Crown mixers are high speed taper roller bearings for improved durability with a rubber tortion suspension. The mixer also comes standard with a multi-positioned drum lock for easy cleaning, flexibility and greater storage capacity. The "6" in the CB6 stands for the amount of cubic feet within the drum. Product dimensions are 66.25"x51.5". To learn more about the Crown CB6 Mixer from Blades Direct, visit our Mixers page or call a construction & contracting tool specialist toll free at 1-855-225-2337.