Construction Job Market Continues to Improve

More good news for Blades Direct customers and others in the construction and contracting industries. Marketwatch reports that construction unemployment is nearing its pre-meltdown numbers and down from the recent high in November of 2009. Obviously, this is great news for Blades Direct as contractors and construction companies are a core market segment for our company. However, that is secondary and we are very pleased to see all of these hard working folks getting back to work and doing things that are often under-appreciated by the rest of society. Many times, the buildings we work in and the houses that we live in are taken for granted and many forget that a lot of work and many hours went into those structures. And without the hard work and expertise of skilled construction workers and contractors, we wouldn't have many of the amenities and luxuries we currently enjoy. Congratulations on those who are part of the statistics in the story below and good luck to those who are still looking for work! The Blades Direct Team  
  Construction unemployment moving closer to pre-meltdown rates WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Here’s some good employment news for one of the recession’s hardest hit groups: The jobless rate for construction workers is getting closer to pre-meltdown levels, according to government data released Friday. Construction’s unemployment rate hit a non-seasonally adjusted 7.5% last month — the lowest result for a November since 2007 — and down from 8.6% a year earlier. The number of construction jobs last month was up 231,000 from the year-earlier period. [READ MORE]