Cold Weather Playing a Role in Slow Construction Activity

The record-setting winter in the United States and Canada is affecting construction and contracting firms around the country. The story below is from The Virginian-Pilot and one such example. Due to the frigid temperatures, outdoor construction work has been limited in recent weeks. The good news is in the very near future, warming trends should start occurring, leading into a seasonal change. Get stocked up now on your diamond blades equipment and tools for what is sure to be a busy Spring -- there will be a lot of catching up to do! ---- Construction firms feel the freeze from winter weather When the ground freezes, so does much of the work on construction sites. Hampton Roads contractors said Thursday that this week's storm nearly ground to a halt some of the home and commercial building projects they've been working on, and it could be weeks before the pace of construction is back to normal. "It just doesn't seem like anybody's working," said Morgan Wells of Chesapeake-based Conrad Brothers, a commercial construction contractor. "If the guys can't get to the job site, they can't work - even if we've got inside work to do. Outside work is just shut down." [Read More]